If you have any questions or concerns about The Cow, please send me an email at TheLoneRanger @mchscrosscountry.com. Also, if you want to praise The Cow in any way, shape, or form, and have it visible for all the world to see (see below), please email me.

Random Quotes by non Carrillo Athletes

Quote by Yosef "Big Yos" Ghebray (State 2mile champ) of James Logan: "To any ordinary man it would be a pink stupid doll, but to a distance runner it is THE COW!!!"

Quote by Alma Escobar (XC State and SS D1 Champ and 16:51 5ker) of Corona: i want to kiss the pink cow

Quote by Mark Matusak (3rd FL Nats, 2 time State XC Champ, etc) of Loyola: The Cow is Awesome!

Quote by Adalberto Corres (4:27 miler/9:27 2miler, CCS XC Champ) of Seaside: dude UR COW IS LIKE SOOO COOL CAN I KISS HIS BEHIND AT STANFORD

The Cow Palace: A shrine to the most sacred Cow

For those of you who are unenlightened, there is one divine being on this earth. This is The Cow! First, let me give you a brief history of The Cow as I know it, though some of the truth may have been lost in the sands of time, for our mighty Cow has been through more than one can imagine.

One day, MCHS Track and Field standout Ryan House stumbled upon a poor, orphaned Cow. Not knowing the importance of his actions at that time, Ryan took the Cow home with him and kept him as his own kin, and brought him into the MCHS family. He was kept by Ryan, and was given his name by the MCHS Track and Field team at the 2001 Leprechaun Classic in Ukiah. It started when some freshmen were throwing The Cow around and James Jaggard (a soph at the time) shouted "Pass me the cow!" Everyone stared at him and made fun of him because he called it a "cow," but all he said was "it's a cow! Look at it." The freshmen then realized their mistake; of course James was right. Later that night Matt Wells, David Wellman, Teddy Jenkins, and Jordan Kinley ran the 4x4. Wells and Wellman, for good luck, kissed The Cow on the butt, and it worked-they won! At the end-of-the-year track party, The Cow was transformed into the giant Cow you see today.

Though most everyone loved and respected The Cow, there were disbelievers. Many people, at first glance, thought The Cow was a pig! How rude! Yet, most of them, in time, began to accept our most beloved Cow. Yet, there were still those who would not believe in his Cowness. Leader among those was (and still is) none other than Jenny Aldridge. Though incredibly fast on her legs, she is not the quickest in the mind. Not only does she not understand that The Cow is in fact The Cow and NOT a pig, she goes out of her way to bring others over to her side. Sometime in 2003 (I think) she actually forcibly tatooed the word "PIG" on The Cow's stomach. Fortunately, The Cow's shirt covers this dreaded mark. But this is not even the worst that has happened to The Cow.

At one of our league meets at Cardinal Newman during track season, the unthinkable happened... The Cow was stolen. Honest to goodness stolen. For months, which felt like years, we were horrified. No one knew what happened to The Cow. Fortunately, though, he has returned to us, although under suspcious circumstances... MCHS alum Sean Thomas said that he got it back from a Newman football player, but, knowing Sean, many of us think he was in on some sort of dastardly trick to steal The Cow from us. But, all's well that ends well.

Now, The Cow is safe and sound back with the Maria Carrillo Cross Country and Track and Field teams. He continues to bless all those who he comes in contact with. So, next time you see Carrillo, stop on by. Give your respects to The Cow. He will greatly appreciate it. And spread the word about the mighty Cow. He waits to see you all, sooner or later. May The Cow bless you and may all your races go well.

In the words of "Kernal Sanders:" "The luck is in the butt... you only get the luck by kissing it... don't forget it!!!"