Send entries to [email protected] and enter "Prediction Contest #" for the subject heading, where # is the number of the contest. Please make sure your name and email address are on the entry. Only one entry per person per contest will be allowed. Breaking this rule will disqualify all entries by that person. If you win, I will email you regarding transfer of the prize.

Prediction Contests!

Greetings all! Here you will find multiple prediction contests for the 2005 Track and Field season. Each contest will be open to anyone, and the winners of each will recieve prizes! First one is up, check below!

Prediction Contest #1: NBL Championships!

So for this first contest you have to figure out the order of teams at the NBL Championships. This is only for the League finals, not the overall league standing. You will receive 1 point for each team you have in the correct spot. The tie breaker will be the score of the first place team, and the second tie breaker will be the score of the second place team. Please set up your entries as follows: Prediction Contest #1: 1st: School A, 2nd: School B, 3rd: School C, 4th: School D, 5th: School E, 6th: School F, 7th: School G, 8th: School H. School A x points, School B y points. Please also make sure your name and email address is on the entry. All entries for this contest are due before the first meets for league standing (I think it's in early April...). Prizes will be announced once I figure out what they will be... Good luck to all!