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Newspaper articles about MCHS Cross Country and Track and Field

Here you will be linked to all the articles that I can find about MCHS XC and T and F. They will be in chronological order, with the most recent at the top. In parentheses will be the source. PD=Press Democrat, SF=San Francisco Chronicle, and CTRN=California Track and Running News. Enjoy!


More to come later.

State story 2004 XC (PD)

NCS story 2004 XC (PD)

NBL story 2004 XC (PD)

NBL preview 2004 XC (PD)

Geneal article October 2004 XC (PD)

Amy and Leanne September 2004 XC (SF)

All City meet 2004 T&F (PD)

David Wellman 2004 T&F (PD)

Amy at NBL 2002 XC (CTRN)

2002 State Meet T&F (PD)

All articles from 2001 XC (PD)